Whitney Houston

Chapter 14

Image: krzysztof20d, deviantart.com

Wednesday, June 30, 2021  9:08am

As presented by (the spirit of) Whitney (Houston)

50. So I can sing. What’s the big deal? Don’t focus on strengths and talents others have. Focus on your own strengths.

51. Family and friends are everything. Take care of them. Don’t burn any bridges. Just keep building them.

52. When you say you’re sorry, really mean it by doing better next time.

53. If you ever get an award or even a compliment, be sure to give it to yourself or it won’t mean a damn thing.

54. Don’t buy those magazines at the checkout counter. They only make people like me, think that what others think of you, matters. This message is the opposite of what we need.

End Time: 9:18am