Welcome to Journey Book Sixteen

Photo by Allison Fauchier, Iowa Double Rainbow, 26th June 2021


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“We are the stars who sing

We sing with our light

We are the birds of fire

We fly over the sky

Our light is a voice

We make a road

For the spirits to pass over”

– Song of the Stars

Welcome to A Journey Into the Unknown, Book Sixteen: Proverbs for The New Age. This new book arrived from the unseen world 23rd June through 9th July 2021, offering a collection of crisp, no-nonsense, life tips from a wide variety of well-known voices. They are artists, musicians, writers, singers, and world leaders beloved for their creative gifts to the world and famous in one way or another. And their pithy hard-earned words of wisdom are immediately applicable in our everyday lives as we choose. The gems received in Book Sixteen serve also to further dissolve the veil between seen and unseen, strengthening the rainbow road between realms.

“A Journey into the Unknown … encourages living as a soul, as a free spirit, and responding to the many calls for love that exist here. The ego or small self is put on the back burner and through back and forth communication with entities in the unseen world, union with God and the created is finally achieved.

 Journey Book Two, B2:2.17 (Chapter Two, Mission Statement)

“They are lined up around the block and crawling out of the woodwork. I’m just kidding. St. Germain isn’t the only one around here with a sense of humor… Seriously, more and more souls want to speak to the new Christs… Contrary to popular opinion, most of us are not sitting around a pool sipping martinis. We are creators, living full and interesting lives just like you.”

Journey Book Twelve, B12:15.2 (Beyond the Veil: Revelations 15, Mother Mary)

Proverbs for The New Age comprises 112 chapters, which arrived 23rd June to 9th July 2021. In each chapter you will hear the unique voice of a soul who, not too long ago, walked the planet in human form as you and I do now. You’re likely to recognize them all, as you receive the distilled wisdom they each share in these proverbs. Proverbs was offered in weekly installments 2nd October 2021 to 11th Dec 2021.