Cass Elliot

Chapter 11

Image: Kat Colorist,

Tuesday, June 29, 2021  7:14pm

As presented by (the spirit of) Cass (Elliot)

39. Sing your song, even if you’re tone deaf. If you won’t do it, who will?

40. Tell people you love them and that they matter to you. If you leave the scene a little early, it’s what they will remember about you.

41. You decide what’s best for you, not your manager, not your boss, you.

42. Be patient with yourself. If you can do this, you can be patient with others.

43. There’s always going to be someone thinner, someone younger, someone better looking, but there’s never going to be another you. Trust me on this one folks! God broke the mold on each and everyone of us, hands down.

End Time: 7:24pm