David Bowie

Chapter 22

Image: CristianFerronato, pixabay.com

Thursday, July 1, 2021  1:12pm

As presented by (the spirit of) David (Bowie)

79. Wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself and your accomplishments, not for attention, but as a way of honoring what is within.

80. If you haven’t already started to do so, question everything, absolutely everything. It’s the questioning that will get you where you need to be.

81. My music was recorded and sold for money. Sell your music by simply being it and then give it away. You will be the richest one around.

82. I changed my appearance frequently and adopted different personas through decades, but people still didn’t really know who I was in the end. Save yourself the time and effort and be your true self today.

83. Make a difference in someone else’s life by being real, by being flawed, and by being honest.

End Time: 1:23pm