Casear Chavez

Chapter 82


Wednesday, July 7, 2021  8:23am

As presented by (the spirit of) Caesar (Chavez)

223. Food doesn’t come as manna from heaven. You have to grow it and this is a lot of work. Treat your farm workers well. They are feeding you.

224. Wearing fancy clothes to an air-conditioned office is better than working in the hot sun? Are you sure about that?

225. No matter how processed the food gets, it always starts as real food. That bag of greasy potato chips started out as a real potato, harvested from the ground. Be grateful for it.

226. Going back to 224, why is it that there is such a pay gap between the two workers? Why don’t we value the work of farm laborers?

227. How you take care of or fail to take care of those who toil in the fields, says a lot about a society.

End Time: 8:33am